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Anna Reznichenko
Ideologist and founder of the platform

The gig economy or “Gigonomics” is the new model for the 21st century. In this model, the client and provider cooperate with each other with the help of a platform. The nature of gig work entails short-term and medium-term employment in a project. The gig economy is a new system where a client quickly finds and uses services from providers. The value of a provider’s work is determined by ratings and client reviews.

Today, a freelancer is not someone without experience, talent, and qualifications. Millions of skilled professionals work in the gig economy. Obstacles standing in the way of opening the new markets and new forms of bilateral cooperation will disappear — just look at UpWork, GLG Consulting, and other gig resources that help talented people share their experience. In this new economy, talented people and professionals will be able to plan their work day and establish a schedule themselves and work on platforms that organize cooperation between clients and service providers. Interpretation is no exception., Trаnzilla, are products of the gig economy. You may think that the market has already formed and resources have been already allocated, and you may wonder if it makes sense to create one more platform. The answer is obvious: of course we should! Each new market participant, each developer of a gig platform, helps to organize and regulate the market. If you want to join the community, do it today — all you have to do is sign up

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