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Interpreters platform — Belingua

Company history:

The story of Belingua started at the end of 2017, when a translation expert shared their idea about an interpreter platform with IT professionals. The idea was simple — to make a convenient service which would help clients choose interpreters easy and quickly. The client would have the opportunity to watch a video CV, listen to the voice and manner of speech, read the interpreter’s CV and then make a decision, without any risks of reputation during business negotiations with foreign partners. Many meetings and discussions were held and a lot of hypotheses were tested before the platform itself appeared. A year of hard work, the platform belingua.ru was launched. It both helps clients find a professional interpreter quickly and lets interpreters work with reliable clients. Each interpreter is a highly qualified professional. We value our reputation, which is why each interpreter goes through a very rigorous selection process. We evaluate not only experience and skills, but also the ability to follow business guidelines and be professional.

Company objective: 

To create a platform that makes cooperation between professional interpreters and clients simple and convenient. 

Company values: 

Speed, reputation, quality, transparency, and safety.

Company mission: 

  1. To contribute to the development and implementation of technological innovations in the translation sphere, to improve the comfort, quality and to increase the speed of services provided by professional interpreters, with the aim to achieve the best results at all business events and negotiations held in foreign languages. 
  2. To help reduce language barriers between Russian technological or export-import companies and their foreign partners to strengthen their relationships and develop business interests. 


Belingua’s staff are skilled professionals who understand the goal of the project and work to make sure the platform’s users love it and understand its advantages.

Наша команда

Anna Reznichenko

Идеолог и основатель belingua.ru, 
Руководитель и основатель агентства ANS-Lingua,
Президент сообщества выпускников Сколково

« ...

Мы разработали удобную платформу по поиску устных переводчиков. Теперь найти профессионала намного проще, а работа переводчиков с заказчиками удобна и структурирована.

Pavel Lapushkin

Cооснователь belingua.ru,
Strategy digital and financial advisor,
VC entrepreneur

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Мы уже наблюдаем глобальное проникновение платформ двухстороннего взаимодействия и агрегацию различных отраслей от такси до посуточной аренды жилья. И вот настало время показать, каким может быть цифровое переводческое бюро.

Maxim Kolomiets

Сооснователь belingua.ru, 
VC entrepreneur, Частный инвестор

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Мы делаем компанию с культурой, основанной на доверии, открытости, поддержке, простоте и идеях. Если вы готовы принять эти ценности, то нам по пути и проект belingua.ru станет отличной площадкой для молодых и опытных переводчиков.


Founder's greeting and customer reviews

Anna Reznichenko
Ideologist and founder of the platform belingua.ru

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