FAQ for the clients

1. How can the client place their first order on belingua?

Step 1. The client goes through a simple sign-up process

Step 2. The client places an order in the following way:

Click “Find an interpreter” and choose how you will search for an interpreter: “Selection system” selects an interpreter automatically, “Search in the catalogue of interpreters” lets you select from a catalogue of interpreters, manually configure the filters and choose the ones you need

Go to your Personal Account in the “Orders” section and click “Place an order”

Scroll the main page down, and click the button “Place an order”, then go to the catalogue of interpreters and propose the order to the interpreters who meet the requirements.

If nobody responds or you do not find anybody, your order goes to the catalogue of orders and other interpreters registered on the platform receive a notification about this order.

2. What happens if nobody responds to the order?

If there is nobody who meets your criteria, it means that an interpreter who meets your criteria can’t be found. Adjust your criteria to expand your search. The order will also be placed in the catalogue of the orders, which will be available for the interpreters, and each of them receives a notification about this order, or you can go to the interpreters catalogue and propose the order to the interpreters who meet your requirements.

3. How will the client communicate with the interpreter?

When placing the order, the client gives information about the order in the corresponding fields. In the window “Order details,” they  the place, time, information about provided data, and requirements for the interpreter.

After indicating payment details and holding money in the client’s account or card, the client gets access to the interpreter’s contacts for communication beyond the platform with the help of email, mobile phone or messengers.

Attention! The order will be annulled or deleted if the client adds their contact information, references, or social media pages to the order. The client must only specify the time, address and detailed information about the order and requirements for the interpreter.

4. What should the client specify in the  detailed information section?

See t Point 3. Specify only the time, address and detailed information about the order and requirements for the interpreter.

5. What happens when the client has placed the order?

The order can be automatically placed in the catalogue of orders, or the client can propose the order to one or several interpreters in the catalogue. 

6. If the client has already placed the order and decides to go to the catalogue of interpreters, can they propose the order to an interpreter in the catalogue?

Yes, if none of the interpreters selected automatically have responded to the order yet.

7. Can the customer get the interpreter’s contacts if they haven’t specified the  payment details?

No. The platform service guarantees the transfer of funds directly to the provider. If you want to know about “Secure Service”, go to the appropriate section.

8. How does the payment take place?

Payment methods:

Payment right away. After making the order, choosing the interpreter and confirming the order, specify your payment details and choose the option that you want to pay immediately. The payment goes to belingua’s account and is transferred to the provider’s account within 3 working days.

Payment of the outstanding invoice

9. What will happen if the client has already chosen the provider, agreed on the specifics, specified the payment details, chosen the payment method, and confirmed the order, but he wants to cancel the order?

If the client wants to cancel the order, it will lead to sanctions against the client from the platform on behalf of the provider. Remember that interpreters plan their schedules 2-3 months ahead. If the customer cancels the order, it leaves a substantial part of the interpreter’s working hours idle.

Therefore, if the customer cancels the order, they pay a fine of 80%. You can get detailed information about fines and penalties for cancellations in the appropriate section.

10. What is the minimal price for 1 hour of interpreter work on belingua?

The minimal price of 1 hour of interpreter work on belingua is 2,000-2,500 rubles per hour.

11. What is the process of pre-moderation and approval of interpreters?

As soon as an interpreter fills out the form with the main information and sends it, the moderator checks it. An interpreter should attach their CV, diploma and copy of their passport. This confidential information is necessary for verifying the interpreter’s qualification and skills, claimed rating, and price for their service.

As soon as the moderator gets the information, they verify it for 3 days. Within 3 days, they get in touch with the interpreter, hold an interview and additional case-testing, and make a final decision about approval of the interpreter who gets access to the platform. After the interpreter is approved, the interpreter’s profile is placed on the platform. In the beginning, it has the rating 1. The interpreter has 10 days to fill out their profile in accordance with the recommendations and rules of the platform.

If the interpreter does not fulfill the requirements, their profile goes down in the search results and will be deleted until the interpreter fills out the profile.

12. How does the platform rate an interpreter and fix their price?

There are some factors that affect the rating:

 Reliable and full information for checking

Online and offline case-interview with moderator and expert for checking and evaluation of the interpreter’s qualifications

Filling out the profile according to the platform’s requirements

If all these factors are taken into consideration, an interpreter gets a 3.5 rating as the lowest range on the platform, then an expert examination of the translation category is conducted. After this process, the base price for an hour of working is fixed.

13.  Can the client unlink their account or card from belingua?

Yes. This option will be available.

14. Can the customer move the order to another date in case of emergency situations?

It will be possible only if the order is paid immediately. However, if the interpreter and desired date are reserved, it will be impossible. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to choose another interpreter. The customer should do this no later than 3 days after placing the order.

15. If the client liked working with a particular interpreter, can they quickly connect with him with the help of belingua?

Yes. The client can work with them directly and through  the platform’s button “Repeat the order” and changing the order’s criteria. According to the same requirements, the search system will select the same desired interpreter. 

Within the next 3-4 months, this option will be simplified.

Note: Belingua has no right to limit interactions between the customer and interpreter after an order is completed. Belingua creates an ecosystem, professional community working on the base of mutual respect and confidence to each other. Belingua simplifies user interaction and guarantees implementation of commitments by each party. 

16. What payment services will be available to the client?

 Yandex cass (Яндекс касса)

17. What is a fee amount for the client on the Belingua platform?

At the moment, the fee amount for the customer is 30% of the value of interpreter services.

FAQ for interpreters

1. What information should interpreters prepare before registration on the belingua platform?


Diploma (diplomas) of higher education 

Letters of appreciation and certificates


Photo (business casual style)

Video CV (limited 90 mb) of 1 minute duration  

Audio CV

Information about price

Information about additional specialized education 

Note: the interpreter must have at least 2 years of experience in interpretation

2. What are the advantages of working with belingua?

The interpreter can plan their own schedule and works as much as they want to

The client gives all the information necessary for the work beforehand. If the customer does not do this, the interpreter can point it out while rating the client and in his review. 

Each user is interested in maintaining their reputation and should support the principles of mutual confidence and respect for each other’s professional interests.

Automatic payment after completing each order.

 3. How does the interpreter get paid? 

The payment is made both before and after the order is completed. In both cases Belingua makes the necessary recalculations, but the interpreter will get paid immediately after the order is complete, adding 3-5 days for the transactional bank process.

4. What should you do if there are several responses for one order?

It is impossible to impact the client’s decision, but the interpreter who responds first may have a better chance. In addition, your profile, rating and reviews can influence the client’s choice.

5. Who are the clients?

MICE organizations

Export companies and corporations 

Branches and representatives of international companies

Consulting agencies


Banking and financial companies

Non-profit organization

State and private education organizations

6. Can an agency headhunt interpreters on the platform?

It is unlikely. There is no advantage for interpreters working with the agency They will earn more with the help of the platform. It is easier for the agency to be a client, with full payment. If agencies headhunt interpreters, Belingua will lock their accounts. Not a single corporate account from the side of interpreter get authorized. All members of the platform have equal footing.

7. Can an interpreter see the price of other interpreters?

An interpreter will see only the base price of other interpreters, fixed prices for particular services, without access to the archive of completed orders. However, the customer will have access to the information about all prices and completed orders of each interpreter.

8. Must an interpreter give feedback about clients? 

No This is just a recommendation. Feedback helps your colleague know more about the person they will cooperate with. It also helps to understand if it is a worthwhile order or not.

9. What will happen if an interpreter cancels the order?

The first violation is a rating downgrading

The second violation is hiding the profile out of the search system for a week

 The third violation is profile blocking

10. If an interpreter refuses the order after confirming and payment, what will happen with the order and money?

If the payment is already done, it will be returned to the client with a deduction of the commission of the platform. If there was a hold on the funds, the amount remains in the client’s account. The order goes to the catalogue, where the customer can choose an interpreter. Alternatively, it is possible to repeat the process of interpreter searching with the help of searching system and specified criteria.

11. Is this platform free for interpreters? 


12. Where does Belingua operate?

Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

13. Can an interpreter recommend an approved order to a colleague if they cannot fulfill it?

No, but this option will be available in future.

If you have more questions, send your messages to hello@belingua.ru